Thursday, January 20, 2011

Isaiah 9

The passionate commitment
of the LORD of Heaven's Armies
Isaiah 9

The Lord is the leader of the armies of Heaven
and He has a passionate commitment...
It's for His bride (that's us)
and her success
and her unity
and her freedom
He is her Wonderful Counselor,
Her Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
and Prince of Peace.
I mean,
if the One
who commands the armies of Heaven
is passionately committed
to my success
and unity in my church
and unity for all churches,
and committed passionately to my freedom
 If He desires to Wonderfully Counsel me
to be my Mighty God,
My Father who will never leave
or fail
my Everlasting
(never rejecting or leaving)
If He is my Prince of Peace,
Could I lack anything?
Could the church lack anything?
Could I fail?
Could I be defeated?
Could I be bound?
The truth is
only if I allow it
will I ever suffer in this way
God, I surrender
to you alone.
Thank you
for your passionate commitment
to me.

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