Friday, January 21, 2011

"Don't Speak Unless Spoken To"

It was always repeated to me
before our family visited
with my parents friends. 
"Mind your P's and Q's"
usually followed,
which I knew meant:
use good manners
but still don't understand the correlation. 
It's funny,
but I often pray:
"God please don't let me speak unless spoken to"
before a meeting. 
I love to speak
to tell stories,
to share what cool stuff is floating around in my mind. 
But if I'm not careful,
I think I take attention away from God. 
This gift He's given me,
of me speaking and others listening
of telling cool stories
and experiences
and thoughts
can put the focus on me 
or God can use me
to put the focus on Him,
to lift Him up
that He might draw men
to Himself. 
So when I ask:
"Please don't let me speak..."
It's really me wanting
to store up some stuff for later use,
and cherish some stuff in my heart,
and only speak
what God has spoken to that moment
"What Rama Word
do you want to speak
into this meeting
at this time
for these people,
to give you glory
and draw all who listen
closer to you
and fall more deeply
in love with you? 
Lord may it be so,
let me speak
only when spoken to.

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