Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is anything too hard for me?

I read it in Jeremiah:
"Is anything too hard for me?"
So I thought of all the things I wish...
are after all,
just unspoken prayers.
And He hears the sighing of our heart...
So what makes my heart sigh?
My sin,
My family,
that hold captive
those I love.
And I hear the words again,
"Is anything too hard for me?"
The words wet my eyes,
I hear love in those words.
I feel Him asking with a hurt tone.
My faith is so small.
His words tenderly assuring me,
He knows.
He's working.
He knows...
He knows...
He's working.
He knows...
He cares.
So many tears...
the name "Almighty"
was created to
explain what our faith
sees so dimly.
Surely it's why we only hope
and at times fail
even at that.
At my core,
I know the answer,
Nothing is too hard for you, Lord.
In that truth
is rest.
God asked,
so I would have to answer
and remember,
so I would internalize the answer...
All the stuff I cant do,
He can.
Faith grows in the light of this truth.
Often I walk in the shadows.
I need to remain in the light
and peace
of this truth.
Nothing is too hard for Almighty.
Help me Father to remember
so I will enjoy your love more
Enjoy your favor
Enjoy your sanctifying
for myself
and my family.
God stretch my mind
to hold this truth.
It's true
weather I enjoy it or not.
This truth is not changed by my faith in it
or lack of faith.
But when I feel this truth
am changed.
I want faith big enough
to know this truth.
Wrap me up in it,
Nothing is too hard for you.

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