Thursday, June 6, 2013

Know Your Place

Sounds like something
a parent or a teacher
would say to me as a child.
I hear the words,
Not to tell me
my pride needs to be quelled,
Not to say
I need to be brought low
but in regards
to where I should be.
To be found
sitting beside the Lord.
Soaking in His love
and all He has to say.
I need to put others in their place...
Not with mean words,
but in my mind
not letting them
(and their words)
take any place before the Lord's words.
Listen, yes
Love, yes
but not applying their values
to my heart.
I still hear my dad's harsh words,
My teachers insults,
I still long to find their approval and praise.
I know I had self-worth
at some point
when I was a child
but they all chipped away at my identity
until I doubted myself
and became insecure
with fear of rejection.

I still long for fellowship.
But God,
protect me
from those who tend to block my view
of you
they distort my feelings about myself
and the world and You.
Help me to put them in their place
by staying in my place
(close to you)
so close,
that it's your whispers I hear
above the sounds of human voices
and help me to value your thoughts
above all.
Perhaps this is desert fruit.
One of the reasons I'm here
have you allowed this season
for me to learn my place,
protected and loved
at your side.

c Kim Damon 2013

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