Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The saddest thought

this morning I feel distant from you.
My unchanging God,
Who's love never fails,
I know any separation
must be caused
by me
and my sinful choices.

God I grieve the way I'm so easily
So easily reactive
to this world
rather than intentional
in godliness.
I don't want to miss
a moment with you.
I don't want to miss
Your will.

Father, protect me from my weaknesses.
Cover me with Your strength.
Foil the enemy's plans for me.
Foil any foolish plan of my own.
God, guard my heart and mind,
They are Yours,
bought at so high a price.

Yet You set me free.
Father, I am Your bond servant.
Please don't let me wander.
Protect me from the tempters snare.
Protect me from foolish choices.
Protect me from others sin.

God I am Yours.
Have mercy on me and hold me fast.

I feel so high maintenance
so insecure and needy at times.
Thank You for Your patience.
Thank You for Your power.
Thank You for Your love.
All my choices I give to You.
God go before me
and over rule
any thought that leads me away.

Father, I don't want a moment 
outside of Your will.
I don't ever want to sin.

The saddest thought
occurs to me...

Apart from Heaven
this cannot be.

And my sin only points more
to Your patience
and grace filled mercy
and love.


The thought that I
can't not sin,
is so sad...
Perfection is on my own
not attainable.
were it not for Christ,
to be continually
in Your will.

So Lord Jesus,
cover me,
wash me,
keep me,
wrap me up,
hem me in,
pick me up,
graft me in,
and as often as I stumble,
help me up,
brush me off,
and make me wise.
I love You Lord.

You have all you need
for life and godliness,
when you abide in Christ
and His Words abide in you:
The Fathers protection,
The Spirits filling,
The covering of Christ.

Rest in the knowledge
of your security
and provision in Christ
and the Holy Trinity.

So much safety in this truth.
Thank You Father,
my protective Abba.
Thank You Holy Spirit,
my Companion and Guide.
Thank you Christ,
my Savior
my Hero
and dearest Friend.

c. Kim Damon 2013

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