Monday, July 15, 2013

God's gonna trouble the waters

God's gonna trouble the waters
I heard this...
Then, Lord,
make me wise.
"Trouble" away!
But make me discerning.
Waters rage!
But God,
give me peace.
do what you're gonna do,
but help me testify,
of your faithfullness.
And jump in without fear!
Tenacious for your will!
Passionate for your purposes!
Troubles come
and troubles go
but You never change
You are always good.
Your ways
are always wise.

God's gonna trouble the waters
might be a warning
but I'm excited!
Because I know I'm loved
I pray for all those I love
who don't trust you yet.
God they may be scared.
God they may suffer.
God they may stress.
Help me Father.
Let me speak your Words.
Help me Father,
to give reason for my hope.
Enable me Lord,
to testify boldly of your love.
Keep my focus on you, Lord
that I will not fear.
Hold me fast Lord
else I be swept away
by doubt.

God's gonna trouble the waters!
God help us!
God save us!
God deliver us!
I wanna hold on for the ride,
but excited
for the things God will do!

Like the stirring of the waters at Siloam
I'm stepp'n in
hoping to be healed.
Like the waters of the Red Sea
I'm stepp'n in
following you for deliverance.

This water may take many forms
but all look of the same
insurmountable obstacles
and all display your loving kindness
poured out
on behalf of your chosen.

God's gonna trouble the waters!

c Kim Damon 2013

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