Friday, July 12, 2013

How can this be true?

Faithful forever friend,
All powerful
Majestic God,
Creator of all things,
Your Word
echoes in the mountains
and shapes my life.
Your glory glistens
on the mighty waters
and stills
my raging heart.
All things are held together
by Your power,
You speak my name.

Holy One,
how can this be true?
Mighty One,
how can this be?

You lift me to the highest heights,
so I can be with You.
Yet, when I stumble,
You cushion my fall.
And I rest
in the power
of Your love.

Life buffets me
like waves against the shore,
yet you are constant,
immoveable and true.
beat against me
You hold me fast,
secure in Your Truth.

Your love shines in the darkness
like a city on a hill.
Your love is a safe house
to the wanderer
a shelter from the storm.

Mighty One,
Holy and True,
I am unworthy
to bare Your Name,
Yet You use me
in Your plan.

Your grace has
been my life and breath
And you shine
Your Glory
for all to see
reflecting your love
even in me.
How can this be?

I am broken,
yet made new;
yet, washed in your love;
yet, set apart for You.

How can this be true?
how can this be?

Better than the best
I have ever been given
is Your mercy and love.
Perfect and true
is Your Word,
You speak to me.

and sinful
made new,
and holy.
All by the power
of Your love.

I am Yours.

You praise
the generation who seek you,
who seek your face,
oh God of Jacob.

Yet, how can I come
to Your mighty throne?
How can I stand
in Your presence
to seek Your face?

Only by Your love
would I survive,
Only by Your beckoning,
dare I come.

The renown of Your kindness
stills my fears.
The glory of your majesty
shines for all to see,
and I come.
I seek Your face.

Fears and distractions
be dammed!
I come.
You are the only
True Word
Your beauty
surpasses them all!
You have life and breath
in Your love.

I am Yours.

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