Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In the year 2013.

Looking back
searching for the
monuments of victory,
and the spoils
of wisdom
(gained from my mistakes).

I found victory in curious places
as this year I've learned:
being real,
and transparent
is more beneficial in ministry
than trying to be perfect
or hide my flaws.

I've learned
(or rather I'm learning)
not to despise
my weaknesses
God chose to pour His spirit
into clay pots
so that the all surpassing power
would be seen as from God
and not from man.

This year some things
have gotten easier
and other things...
well, harder.
My eye sight,
and hearing are fading.
But as a result,
I'm less critical
(of myself and others)
I don't remember offenses as long
and I listen less to harsh words.

I lost the 35 lbs I gained last year
and I've battled old temptations
where I had won battles in the past.

I'm convinced I'll be battling my old sin nature
till death rescues me from life
and I'm brought to our loving Lord
and given all my hopes have longed for.

I changed churches this year.
and learned (once again)
My ways are not His ways,
and His ways are better.

I've never liked change,
it's always scared me,
but when it's by God's leading
I find rest more quickly.

This year I was confronted
by the frailty of life
and the staying hand of God
as my grandmother lay dyeing
(in Hospice)
and yet I live.
My daughter and I hit a deer
(on my motorcycle)
and it died,
yet we lived.
And close friends suffered
the loss of their parents
while mine live.

God has a time for us all
and I'm convinced
He has a plan
we will not leave till it's complete
and we need to be about His work
till He returns
or calls us home.

I have spent the better part of a year
not formally teaching,
at times it's been a gift
I've cherished
at times I long for the end of this season
because I miss it so much.

This has been a year of change
I think I've learned
(all the best years are.)
And it's been a year of preparation
as I feel my roots have grown deeper
and my branches reached higher
my heart's grown softer
and my mind's been renewed.

Thanks God for the victories on the horizon
and for the battles
you've kept me through.
And thanks for walking with me
(best of all)
My days are worth living
because you sustain me.

c Kim Damon 2013

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