Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Camp...Sunday morning

And while I sit at camp
enjoying my coffee
the smell of freshly cut grass
and the hum
of the weed-eater
in my loving husband's hands
and sun warm on my skin,
I wonder if God ever tires
of hearing:
"Thank you"
So I smile
and raise my face to the sky
tears welling behind shut eyes
and share the moment with Him.
Thinking how healing His gifts are
and how blessed Grandma Betty would be
to see me sitting here with my husband
enjoying this place.
She got it...
She held things loosely.
She shared with the little girl me
her feelings of gratitude
and her cherishing
the gifts God had lent to her.
And I opened my eyes
to find the sun glistening like diamonds
on the glassy pond
knowing God did that
to delight my heart.
Birds singing His praise
generator buzzing
to keep us from truly "roughing it".
Thank you, God.
Thank you

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