Thursday, May 29, 2014

Facebook User!

Facebook User!
Why are you here?
Wasn't there something
you were so posed to be doing?

Oh, wait,
did I just offend you?
I was talking to myself.
You are just ease dropping
on my conversation with myself.

But while you're here,
think about it for a spell.
Spell...good word.
Like you are under the hypnotic influence
of something, or someone...

What were you about to do?
What is being put off till another time?
What is a productive day made of?
How do I stave off the end of the day regrets?
How would I have used my time more wisely?
Are there more important things
than facebook
that I should be giving my attention to
but don’t have the time?

Important questions I ask myself,
and you,
if you stuck around
to find out how this ends.

I'm a terminal optimist,
so this must end
with a beginning
with me making a resolve,
to do better.

Better at doing the important things first.
Better at giving the inch,
(not the mile)
to facebook.
Better at getting my
self-esteem fix
from a better source
(yes, God!)
Better at being productive
not wasting my precious time.

But if you do come to facebook
Come to give what others long for
Come and give something of worth.
To make your friends and family
better for having come.
Then go
and make the most of every opportunity
because the days are evil
so do not be foolish,
but understand what the Lord’s will is.

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