Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Set apart

I read it in Romans 1:1 if you read fast, you'll miss it.
Really just two small words, caused such a powerful longing:
"set apart".
I wrote this to try and put words to it.

God has given me a craving
like something I want so bad
I cant reach out and get it.
I have to hunger for it
surrender all my strength
to acquire it.
Battle conflicting passions
to gain it
Run with all my might
at the same time
laying down my will
and wait for it.
It's counterfeits
are many
and dazzling
yet all crumble
waist away
and fall short
of meeting my longing.

I want holiness.

I couldn't even know of this delight
had I not beheld it
in the loving eyes of my Savior.
When it wraps around me
I rest.
When I'm confronted by it
I'm broken
I'm melted
I'm cleansed
I'm purified
Oh, God

set me aside for Your will.
and make me holy.

I'm Yours
and bare Your name.
Let me reflect Your glory
and be set aside
for Your will.

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