Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A confession about healing and prosperity

Focus on Truth
to be alive and well in Christ.

I trust You
even with my health.

~Is this prosperity preaching?

Be joyful
and not downcast.

God's hands are working out
His will in me.
He's committed to completing me.

All His strength
is for
all my weaknesses.

He will protect me
in His wrath
because I take refuge in him.

God allows me to choose
between good and evil
and is rooting for me to choose Him.
And He will help me choose well.

God heals when it's best.
God prospers us
when it's best.
Even hardship is sweet
when gone through
with the fellowship of Christ.

God is with us.
God is merciful and powerful and just
and does not bring our pain
but will help us through it
or heal us in it.

He will heal me totally
One day.

He makes me rich
even in poverty,
even in sickness
even in my weaknesses.

When Abba is near,
I am safe.
Therefor I take refuge in Him.

He is in pain with us.
He endured pain
to know what we endure
and to set us free from the bondage
and penalty of sin
and by His obedience (in this)
was made perfect.

I lack no good thing
in Christ.
This is what it means to be healed
this is what it means to prosper.

I am grateful for all of this life
whatever comes
(good or bad)
because His love causes me to triumph
and I'm redeemed.

I am part of Christ.
I died with Him suffered with Him
and am raised with Him.

God has given us good boundaries.
Stay safely within them
for the best life possible
on this sin filled earth.

Our days are full (no matter how many they be)
when we are in Christ.
~this was in answer to those righteous, godly men
living more than a hundred years. My niece who live one week
had a full life, as she brought her parents both to Christ, by her
death. Her life was full, and in the will of God in her one week.

We will delight
even in trial when we have fellowship with the Lord.

Having said all this,
(repeating the whispers the Father
spoke to my heart)
in reading between the lines.

I fully believe we lack complete faith.
I fully believe God wants us to know
His desire for us to be healed
and free from pain.

This is why He told Adam and Eve
to avoid the fruit.
This is why He made a way
to redeem us from that choice.

I still believe We need to ask (in faith)
for impossible things,
and that we don't do it often enough.
And I believe we need to trust
that when He heals,
it's because it would do the most good,
and when he does not,
it was not for lack of faith,
but rather,
because it would do the most good.

I trust His love born will.
I trust His goodness.
I trust His Word.
I only do this,
by the provision of faith
He has given me,
So even in these things,
I give Him glory.

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