Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I declare ~Words have power

To follow, you will find my paraphrase
to scriptures from the book of Proverbs,
on the topic of "words".

If I am carful with my words and my tone
I will save myself and others from deep pain.                           Pr. 21:23

If negative thoughts taint my love I'm incredibly sad,
but when truth is spoken, my heart and mind are full of joy     Pr. 12:25

The words I speak are of great value.
The unbeliever's thoughts and attitudes are messed up.
It's important to speak well,
because words are food to nourish those who listen.
Those who feel "sinful ways" are best,
will starve without truth.                                                            Pr. 10:20-21

The enemy's words pierce and cut and wound
but godly words heal and build up.
Those who feel "sinful ways" are best,
speak words that tear down,
and those words bind him to hell.                                              Pr. 18:7

Our words come from deep in our being
and effect our countenance and actions.
We must choose well, for by them, we live
or die.                                                                                        
And many will follow, in the direction you choose.                 Pr. 18:20-21

A mature person's words will nourish him,
but the person who does not follow God
will be nourished by hatred.
So the mature person chooses his words carefully,
and there by chooses his life with care.
but the one who speaks often and with out care
will come to ruin and die.                                                          Pr. 13:2-3

The person who lives apart from God,
seals his fate with his words.
But those who trust the Lord, will be saved in trials.
What we say sprouts to life and gives us peace
and what we do will come back
and be done to us.                                                                       Pr. 12:13-14

Kind, helpful, joyful words
are rare and make one full of peace and joy to their core.         Pr. 16:24

You know the good you aught to say,
and those who are evil know the bad they aught to say.           Pr. 10:32

If someone who loves God asks God to,
He will cause good to happen in their area,
But an evil person can come and tear the good down
by what he says.                                                                         Pr. 11:11

People who know God (well)
give what they know away,
but you are unwise
if you keep silent about God's goodness.                                   Pr. 15:7

The one who speaks wise words about God,
feeds many and they are saved,
but if their words become darkened,
many will be harmed.                                                                Pr. 15:4

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