Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Fear of Man

The fear of man,
sounds like a little girl
who has been the victim of abuse,
who carries that understanding
that the male gender may use their greater strength
(or power),
to cause harm.
There is that,
to a degree.
It shows up in my pride,
resisting submission and trust
(two very beautiful things).
God bring healing.

The fear of man
(in Christianese)
could be defined: loving the praise of men
more than the praise of God.
But that sounds harsh,
I see it's form in longing for approval,
in fearing rejection,
which leads to self loathing and isolation.
Only God can bring hope for healing in this area.
The only hope for healing in this many tentacled area,
is God. Only God.

As a child I loved to sit outside at night
and look at the stars.
Best of all was to laydown on the hood of a car
and let my full peripheral be filled
with as much of the sky as I could drink in.
Truth is, in it's vastness,
I felt so small,
but so safe.

God is like that.
When I focus on Him so completely
that he fills up all my view,
the condemning voices
the controlling actions,
the harsh judgments,
all fade away;
they loose the power to wound
or effect me at all.
Only God and His beauty,
His glory
and His love
have any part with me.
He wraps me up and carries me away
to His presence.
Oh to linger there.
In the safety and love.
No fear of man in His presence.
If the thought of anyone enters the unity of God and I
they are seen in love,
they are weighed and valued and hoped for
all with the measure of love
and then, they are released.

God let me live there.
Let me go so often,
that my thought processing is changed.
That my view of others is changed
that their impact on me
(if any)
is changed.

Oh, God,
you are beautiful
and glorious
and so worthy of praise.

Daughter, when you come away into my presence and set aside time to be with me and set aside thoughts of others to hear my voice it heals you. Come often. There are many wounds to heal. My truth is the penetrating salve to sooth your fractured bones and grieving soul. Let my truth be applied to your life, to your history, to your present, to your hopes and you will walk by the Spirit and you will live in peace. My word will banish the lies spoken over you and pronounced over you in childhood, so many lies need an abundance of truth to break though. Each new healing opens a door to new bondage and more healing. This is why you feel victorious and then held back it's all part of the journey. Be true to the Word. Let it live in you and work in you. Surrender often (your wounds) and I will cleanse and heal. Each scar is a testimony of our journey together each a witness to our love (Father to daughter).

Protection is yours,
Healing yours,
My Word yours
freedom yours.
Tell of the wonders of my Truth
(in setting you free)
tell often.
Speak and write of valleys of despair
and the mountains of faith
(that give you perspective over them)
just as Caleb said "yes,
the giants are big, but God is bigger"
this is your testimony.
Speak it well.

Listen diligently to me,
eat what is good,
and delight yourself in rich food.
Incline your ear and come to me;
hear that your soul may live;
and I will make with an everlasting covenant,
my steadfast, sure love for David.
Isaiah 55:2-3

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