Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I don't mind the frigged cold outside

I love the snow.
I don't mind the frigged cold outside.
It makes me feel like a survivor.
I love this season
and I feel so blessed with my family and friends.

The list is long
of things that "should be done"
but I just put one foot in front of the other
and do each thing.
I know it wont all get done,
and maybe some important stuff
didn't make the list,
that will get done.
But I feel peace and full of joy.

When I heard the cranky child at the store today,
I just wanted to pick him up and hug him.
I wanted to look him in the eyes
and say "it'll be OK, buddy".
When I heard the angry woman who works for the post office,
I thought of what a hard day she's had
and what a lonely life she must live.
And I ask God to help me,
to be a blessing and to not get cranky (too)
but stay joyful.

Who know's joy may be contagious.
Happy Advent, friends!

c Kim Damon 2013

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