Thursday, December 12, 2013

What does it look like?

I was asking God to help me
"Help me see my life
(walking in Your will.)
What does it look like?
Show me, Lord"

I was thinking about
the gifts lent to me,
and asked:
"How do I walk in ministry
(in Your will?)
Lord, what does it look like?"

I was praying about the church
and wishing all the members
would be set free to use their gifts
(according to Your will).
"Father, show us what this looks like."

I was thinking about how the church
appears to the lost
and asked:
"What needs to change,
to walk by Your Spirit?
What does that look like?"

I believe the Father wants us to see
all these things.
I believe Christ came to show us
(what this looks like).

I see glimpses in my imagination
I hear it's beckoning
when I'm moved by someone's love.
I feel it surrounding me
(when I'm with children),
or when I paint,
or teach.
I hear Him speaking to me
and I'm encouraged by His words.

We live in the already won victory of Christ.
Yet, His glory
is veiled by this life,
so we see
only dimly.

What does it look like?
Lord, continue to show me,
show us,
till we are swallowed up
by newness of life,
to live in the light of your glory
and love.

c Kim Damon 2013

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