Friday, December 20, 2013

What more can I do?

Have I not surrendered
completely enough?
Have I not repented
unceasingly enough?
Have I not longed for holiness
with enough conviction?

Why do I still see my sin
so clearly?
Why do I still
settle for less than
your good and perfect will?


God I fear at the end of my life
I'll be able to see
all I could have accomplished for Your glory
or all I would have been,
to bring you honor.

all I can do
is surrender
and continue to long
for holiness.
But is that is all I can do?

my Almighty God,
can do all things.
What is impossible
with man,
is possible
with You.

So God,
let me add
to my surrender
that you have indeed taken and cherished
all I have laid at your alter.

Let me add faith
to my repentance,
that You forgive and cleanse me.
that Your grace and mercy are abundant
and free.

And let me add hope
to my longing for holiness,
that others will see past my
sinful self
and see the omnipotent God that chose to reside
in this clay pot.

c Kim Damon 2013

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