Saturday, October 2, 2010

25 Things...

1- I was born in California, and then moved to New York, then Virginia. From age 8-10 I lived in Virginia Beach.
2- My mom dropped me off at the beach on the way into work and picked me up on the way home, so I spent my summer’s body surfing and playing in the ocean.
3- I was raised by my Dad from when I was 10 years old (after my parents divorced).
4- From age 10-12 my Dad would take me out from school for a week at a time and we would back-pack into the Saw-tooth Mountains in Idaho we took dehydrated food and camped out in the snow.
5- I was living on my own when I was 16, quite school and worked two jobs to support myself.
6- My first car was a Volkswagen Bug, it drove up hill at a top speed of 35mph but could park anywhere and I loved it.
7- I moved from Idaho to Washington to Alaska to Las Vegas to Watertown, NY while I was on my own.
8- I met my husband just after I turned 18, we married w/i the year and we have been together for 25 years.
9- I have 6 children, and it has never seamed like a big family.
10- I was scared to have the second child and told my husband he would have to help me, I didn’t think I had enough love and attention for two of them.
11- I was scared to have the third child I thought “I only have 2 hands, what will I do if all three need me?”
12- I went to college for fashion, advertising, and design. Then I was hired out of the program to manage a retail store and hated my job.
13- I taught my self to type when I was 17 to get a secretarial job with a book called Touch Typing Self Taught and at the time typed 45 wpm.
14- I taught myself to play the guitar about 6 years ago.
15- If you tell me “I can’t”, I feel an overpowering urge to prove I can.
16- My husband says I’m the most stubborn person in the world.
17- God and my husband are my 2 best friends.
18- I feel like I have every thing in life that I need, many things I want and feel so blessed.
19- My co-workers are a gift to me and great friends.
20- I am usually afraid of change.
21- I snuck into bars at 16 years old and now usually get carded when I try to buy my husband cigarettes.
22- I went to an all black school when I lived in Virginia and was picked on horribly but it made me love people of color and diversity.
23- I cry for others pain, when I feel close to God, and when I’m truly happy.
24- I have been forgiven for so much that there is nothing I cannot forgive.
25- I love to teach truth about God and help people 

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