Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Proof God Is Real!

I have an insatiable hunger
and only only only
satisfies it.
So He must have made me
and made me for Himself.

Like an incredibly complex machine
that can only function to it's potential
in the hands of it's masterful designer,

I am.

And when used by the world
I only produces shotty results.

But in the hands of my master craftsman,
I am an incredibly profound
and beautiful
work of art.

Only in His hands
do I reach my potential
and feel my worth
and purpose in life.

Note about this note:
Despite it's profound tranquility,
being inspired in the bath tub
has it's limitations.
I snicker at the thought of sharing this,
but it's hard to keep the side of the tub dry
after running through the
(thankfully empty)
for a pen and pad of paper.
But it was defiantly worth it.

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