Saturday, October 2, 2010


This robe is so hard to wear. Righteousness seems to be easier to picture on me. I can imagine that Christ's love has so covered me that the robe of righteousness I could wear. But blameless... As I read the word it stuck in my mind as so unattainable. My sin is so evident I could never be blameless.

Yet I ask: "Father, are any blameless? Does the identity of Christ so cover me that you could see me as a child, without blame? Could I really be a fair-skinned lass with fine blond hair running to her daddy's arms; with love so pure to give and love so pure received, so pure that it's known? Without words it's known?"

Maybe I should come with my maturity that acknowledges my sin and has reverence and thankfulness for my forgiveness. But to come as a child I have to leave all that behind. I cannot analyze our relationship as to my blamelessness. I just see my Daddy and run to His arms. I run because I've played all day and I realize the love and safety that await me in His arms. I ask if he could provide a need and He smiles and puts my head to his chest. "As if He didn't know my need." I know He had already worked out the details. I know He was already in control. I didn't have to analyze the answer or lack of an answer. I asked my Dad and He's in control. I trust. I'm safe. I'm blameless in His sight, in fact, I'm blameless!

Only in His presence could I know without a doubt. I'm blameless. I don't understand... But as I come to Him as a child, I know He receives me as a child, pure and clean. I could not come with my accomplishments and wisdom without also bringing my sin. Yet as I humble myself and come with nothing to draw us but our relationship, Father to daughter, and the love, trust and true adoring nature of that love. Somehow all of my sin of being an adult falls off and I sit on my Fathers lap with his arms around me, knowing I'm blameless in His sight.

Thank you, Father c. Kim Damon 2004

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