Sunday, October 3, 2010


I dreamt the Father held me
Until He had wiped away my last tear
and my sobbing subsided
as peace washed over me.  

All earthly expressions of father
have been flawed,
yet this picture in my mind
was more real somehow
than all I have witnessed on Earth.  

I live for the hope of that day.
Thank you for being patient with me,
for waiting for me to give you my heart,

for hemming me in
behind and before
and laying your hand upon me.  

Father, thank you for seeing in me,
more than I can see in myself.
Thank you for making up for
all of my failure by your mighty hand.

Father, thank you for doing battle
on my behalf.
Thanks that you rooting for me.  
That you shower me with more grace
and mercy
than I will ever deserve
and even know.  

Thank you for loving me
more than I understand 
the meaning of love. 

God thank you for sitting near me,
until I notice you are there
and then sharing your joy with me.
Thanks for helping me to cry
again and again
for the distance that separates us. 
And for the joy of sitting near you.  

Thanks for spanning the distance
of earth and Heaven to be with me.  

Thanks for words 
that usher me into your presence.  
I know the Holy of Holies 
is in this place
of worship and intimacy.

Father I love you.
Come soon, Lord Jesus. 
Save your chosen.
Come soon.
My hero, my Councilor,
my Father, and King.

c.Kim Damon 2010

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