Saturday, October 2, 2010

Come away…

Come away…

by Kimberly Damon on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 6:06am

Come away…
I’m pulled and drawn,
beckoned to a garden in my mind.
As I walk the smells of fresh spring grass
and flowers fill the air and brush soft against my feet.
The ground is cool and airy and I remove my shoes.
The sun shines down warming my face,
as if it’s heat is focused on me alone.
I close my eyes and raise my face toward the warmth.
I feel safe.
I feel God’s favor.
Music is carried on the wind,
the sound of harp, mandolin and bass,
then flute and drums join in.
I move and dance freely to the melody.
I’m not held by gravity and I float,
carried like a child into her fathers arms.
I am free.
The freedom carries me.
My long cotton flowing gown moves to the music,
white lace is blown in the breeze.
I enjoy each breath.
Caressed by the air,
inside my lungs,
and against my skin.
Tears stream down with the thought that this will end.
Finally, so full of experiencing the presence of the Lord,
to taste the sweet breath of his fragrance,
to smell and touch and hear His love,
to know His favor and delight in His ways.
His focused attention, only for me,
completely present,
nothing withheld
no separation,
love unfettered
set free to express and receive.
Fullness of joy defined.
A song a dance, a breath, colors, light,
heat, lifting, carrying, safety, embracing, love.
My meaning in life.
My souls artist delighting in me,
His work of art.
My life displaying the indentations of His finger prints.
Reflecting His pleasure in my smile,
expressing His sadness with my tears.
Announcing His rhythm with my dance
and reflecting His glory in my countenance.
It was the answered prayer:
“Father may they be One with us as we are One”
no sin or sad shadows reside
or dare enter the melody of our meeting.
Even as I rejoice over our togetherness
I realize my souls lover has been waiting so long
for me to come.
He has beckoned me often
but I have insisted “important things must be done”.
How foolish I have been.
Yet there is no condemnation here.
Only an invitation to return often,
as often as I can.
I feel nothing in that moment could tear me away,
yet somehow I know even now,
there is something else that “should” be done.
“No!” My heart insists to myself,
I want to be here.
Even more than food, more than sleep,
more than people who need me,
more than things I should do.
I think it’s time to let some people down,
time to disappoint my flesh,
time to walk in the joyful, restful, peaceful,
loving presence of the Lord.
I had said “take me there”,
He said “come in, I’ve been waiting for you”.
Come often, draw near to me and I draw near to you,
stay away and I greave as you are weakened
and battles, never fought, are lost.
I war for you and you roll over for more sleep,
I bring a feast to you,
and you fill up on the junk food of life.
You are not nourished only weakened
and hungers cries are deafened by the noise of counterfeits.
Be still…
Remember the tastes,
remember the smells,
when you recognize them,
draw near,
I’ll be hear waiting,
come away often my love.

Kimberly Damon

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