Saturday, October 2, 2010

When God Breaks In

It was day light and loud
the day that he came
I felt a change in the air
and it began to rain.
My house was not in order
but there was rhythm to my pace
I had not finished first
but I was running in the race
He said: “come away”
from behind, I heard His voice
Many needed my attention,
I needed to make a choice.
Pardon me, I said,
To the annoyance of a few.
There’s an important thing now,
That, I feel, I must do.
Concern was felt by some,
but others knew my tone
There were times to be with others,
And times to be alone.
Only One took priority,
Many felt, they, should come first.
He was the one who created me,
And quenched my every thirst.
Finally, I sat alone,
In the quiet of my room.
I waited full of joy and fear,
For the coming of my Groom.
We talked as time stood still,
And tears began to fall.
He had no agenda,
And needed nothing at all.
He knew my day was busy,
And wanted to give me peace.
Important things were missed,
As the motion never ceased.
The time we had was sweet,
I never wanted it to end.
“In truth, I call often”,
Said the voice of my friend.
Will you come back with me,
Into the noise of my day?
“This is always my delight,
I’m near you as you pray.
The more you come away,
The easier to hear my voice.
This life is full of distractions,
You must make the choice.
There is nothing we cannot do
together, laugh, cry and dance.
I long for your fellowship,
If you’ll give us the chance.”
You are God, my closest friend,
Each day I pray to grow.
Your power made perfect in my
weakness and grace you daily show.

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