Saturday, October 2, 2010

Longing for God

by Kimberly Damon on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at 7:44am

You are the light in my darkness 
the water I long to swim. 
Let me experience the awareness of your presence. 
I want to be swept away by your Spirit, 
and moved by the current of your will. 
Your light banishes fear and deceit. 
There is no trouble in the light of your love. 
I long to feel the sun in my eyes and on my face. 
I close my eyes and smile. 
It's as if you feel my surrender and trust. 
Your hand under my chin and on my cheeks. 
Lord you know me. 
Will you come near me? 
Will you walk with me and hold my hand 
even as I ask I know you have been near,
 I've been to busy to notice. 
You've reached for my hand
but tempted by sin I've pulled away. 
I'm not perusing you but merely answering your call. 
You've been beckoning me to come away with you, 
but I've hit the snooze button 
and valued sleep more than our time together. 
Forgive me Lord. 
You alone, 
O Lord, 
are worthy of my affection 
and devotion. 
Please show me th way to where you are.
 Please part the Heavens and come down. 
Please lift me up to be with you. 
Show me what pleases you , 
let me be a delight to you. 
Please Lord, 
I want to make you smile.

I delight in you. 
You are mine,
I created you to find joy 
in my presence. 
That is why you sorrow 
and feel loss 
when I'm far from you.
 It's a way to see how far 
you've traveled and a way 
to summon your return. 
Come away, 
be receptive to my call.
 If I ask you to come 
wont I handle all you leave behind. 
Surrender to me.
 I can help you fly away 
from the weight this world 
puts on your shoulders. 
Fly away , 
I wont let you fall. 
Fly away 
what can you loose 
that I haven't given?
 What can you loose 
but fear. 
Rejoice in my nearness. 
I am your light walk close 
and see the way clear, 
walk close 
and trust me.
Walk close.

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